Three Republican presidential hopefuls are campaigning in Iowa today, including two candidates who have seen their fortunes rise and fall because of their performances in televised debates this fall. Texas Governor Rick Perry spent the end of last week doing damage control after a memory lapse during a debate last Wednesday.

Perry is scheduled to be in Bettendorf tonight to headline a Scott County Republican Party fundraiser. On Tuesday, Perry plans to go to a manufacturing plant in Bettendorf to deliver a speech on government reform. Competitor Newt Gingrich returns to Iowa today amid chatter about his strong debate performances and his improving poll numbers.

Gingrich consistently presents himself as a candidate with “bold ideas.” He stressed that theme during a televised interview organized by A.A.R.P. and broadcast last night in Iowa. “This isn’t about slogans and talking points and clever consultants,” Gingrich says. Gingrich and his wife will be in Carroll tonight to screen one of the movies they’ve produced and autograph copies of the books they’ve published.

The third candidate to land in Iowa today will be Michele Bachmann. She benefitted this past summer from strong debate performances before the Iowa Republican Party’s Straw Poll. Bachmann will be campaigning in northwest Iowa this afternoon and evening.