Organizers are preparing in Sioux City for the fourth Iowa Mission of Mercy free dental clinic that begins tomorrow. Sioux City pediatric dentist, Jeff Hemmingson, is one of the doctors who’ll take part in the two-day clinic. Hemmingson says they will be doing all types of dental work.

He says if someone needs a cleaning, or a tooth pulled a some restoration done, they should be able to do that. Hemmingson says they will do the work based on the most acute needs, so they may not get all the work done, but they will get their most pressing needs met. It’s a first-come, first-served clinic.

Hemmingson says there are no questions asked, no eligibility requirements, and if you come and stand in line, they will hopefully be able to see you. The clinic is being held at the Tyson Events Center and Hemmingson says it provides a good venue for people to wait.

Hemmingson says everyone waiting in line can do so indoors, so people should be comfortable as they wait. Hemmingson participated in the last clinic that was held in Newton. He expects another big turnout. He says they’ve seen over 1,000 patients in the past and says they could see some 1,500 this time around. There are 1,200 volunteers line up to help.

The clinic opens at seven a.m. and will run until 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Organizers estimate they have provide some $2.5-million in free dental care for 4,500 patients in the three previous clinics.