Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is lending his voice to the White House push to have the former attorney general of Ohio lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Miller calls Richard Cordray an “outstanding nominee” for the position.

“He has all the capabilities,” Miller says. “He’s bright. He’s informed. He’s experienced on these issues. He has good judgement. He has a sense of fairness.”

Cordray must win a confirmation vote in the U.S. Senate in order to become director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a government agency created in reaction to recent abuses in the financial industry.

“Most, if not all Republicans, don’t have a quarrel with Rich Cordray. They have a quarrel with the law setting up the bureau and then the powers of the bureau,” Miller says. “Well, if they want to change the law, they should change the law. Holding up the confirmation is just not the right thing to do to change the law.”

Miller made his comments in a conference call with reporters that was organized by the White House staff.