An anonymous donor is covering much of the cost when senior citizens adopt pets from a shelter in Cedar Rapids during the holidays. Bob Citrullo, executive director of the Cedar Valley Humane Society, says the generous donation is saving each senior who adopts a dog or cat about $125.

“He’s covering the costs for the adoption fee, plus, providing a cat carrier, all the equipment that you need to get started,” says Citrullo. The program is called Cat Companions for Seniors and he says having a pet helps some senior citizens come out of their shells and be happier.

A three-month-old kitten went to 58-year-old Mark Rundall through the program. Rundall says the fuzzy feline has changed his attitude for the better. “I don’t have to be lonely,” Rundall says. “It was very hard from me to live alone. She just filled an empty void that I had.”

Rundall has limited mobility due to multiple sclerosis and lives on a fixed income. Without the donation, Rundall might not have been able to afford his new cat. The shelter still has about 100 animals that need new homes. Learn more at: “

By Nadia Crow, KCRG, Cedar Rapids