Raindrops are falling on much of the state today and the prospect of a white Christmas in Iowa is looking rather dim. Craig Cogil, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, says kids may crave a snowy blanket for sledding and other outdoor fun, but for adults who have to shovel and drive in the stuff, it’s something of a blessing.

“The weather pattern is such that it doesn’t look like there’s any big storms moving in that are going to produce a lot of snow across the state, currently,” Cogil says. “Overall indications are for a little chance of seeing a lot of snow during the Christmastime.” Some areas of Iowa had forecast high temperatures today that were 15 to 20-degrees warmer than normal.

Cogil says highs will drop back down to where they should be by tomorrow. Cogil says, “Temperatures are going to stay seasonal to slightly-above seasonal over the next several days, so that’s also going to keep the threat of snowfall down.” Normal highs in Iowa for mid-December are around the low- to mid-30s.

An Iowa D.O.T. official says if all of this week’s rain had been snow, we’d be under 10 to 15-inches already.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City