Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is visiting 10 counties today, part of her push to reach all 99 counties in 10 days. At a “meet and greet” in Waterloo this morning, Bachmann said she’s energized by the pace.

“We’re very deliberate, going to every county and meeting the people so that we’re within a close relative drive for all Iowans. That’s our goal to be able to meet all Iowans across the state and it’s just been really rewarding and a lot of fun,” Bachmann said. “Iowans have a great sense of humor and so we’ve just had a fun time.”

Bachmann’s voice was growing a bit hoarse as she talked with reporters after visiting with diners at an I-HOP restaurant.

“Since the last debate it’s like an electric light switch has been turned on,” Bachmann said. “We’ve had huge crowds everywhere we go and…people are really engaged. They’re paying attention and this close to Christmas I would think you wouldn’t see a lot of people, but we’ve had a lot of people come out and they’re really excited.”

The Bachmann tour will go on a three-day Christmas hiatus, beginning Friday. It resumes next Monday and is expected to wrap up on December 28.

Bachmann made her comments early this morning, before two leaders of the conservative group The Family Leader endorsed rival Rick Santorum.