A false rumor is being forwarded around by some Iowans on Facebook about free rides and vehicle tows for people who’ve had too much New Year’s Eve cheer. Rose White, at Triple-A Iowa, says the “Tipsy Tow” and “Tow to Go” programs are real, but they’re not available here.

“Unfortunately, these programs are only available in about a dozen states,” White says. “They are not available nationwide as indicated on some of the popular social media sites. It’s not available in Iowa or Nebraska.” She says the two free towing programs have nothing to do with what’s available for the auto club’s members.

White says, “Basic membership services will always be provided to any AAA member but Tipsy Tow and the Tow to Go programs are basically community service safety programs that are only operated in certain areas of the country.” White says Iowa is usually busy during the winter months with drivers needing assistance with winter-related problems, one reason the free service isn’t offered here.