The Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court is asking legislators to provide $10 million more to the state’s court system to help “rebuild” its workforce. Budget cuts in the past few years led to lay-offs and reduced hours for clerk of court offices.

The chief justice is asking for more than $2 million to hire over 50 people for those offices, so they can be open full-time. The chief justice delivered his annual “State of the Judiciary” speech this morning, a less dramatic affair than last year.

In 2011, some legislators were talking about impeaching Chief Justice Mark Cady and other justices who had joined in the 2009 ruling that legalized gay marriage. Cady used his 2011 speech to lay out the reasoning and precedents behind that 2009 ruling.

Today, Cady used his speech to argue that the courts can be a “real catalyst” for economic growth. He said “fair, efficient and fully-functioning courts provide businesses with the necessary confidence to invest” or expand in a state.

Cady also argued courts help provide a “stable and safe environment” for the state.