Iowa’s court system could eventually have fast-track “business courts” to resolve civil lawsuits.

Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady describes what’s in the planning stages: “Special business courts, special litigation tracks for low-cost and prompt resolution of litigated matters, and alternative dispute resolution methods now desired by many.”

For over a year another Iowa Supreme Court justice has been leading an 84-person task force that’s been crafting the plan. This group of judges, business leaders, attorneys and others who regularly use the court system will release their recommendations in February. Cady says they’ve been trying to “build a new court model” to deal with business-related matters that have nothing to do with the criminal courts.

“These processes, as well as others, will help make our court system as relevant and attractive to users as possible,” Cady says, “and provide an opportunity to make our court system even more attractive to economic development.”

Cady made his comments during the annual “Condition of the Judiciary” message on Wednesday. (Read and hear more about the speech here.) Cady cited studies which indicate a “fair, efficient and fully-functioning” court system is one of the most important ingredients to the wealth and prosperity of a nation and a state.