Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Larry Noble, has made some changes that impacts the leaders of the Division of Criminal Investigation, Fire Marshal’s office and Division of Intelligence.

Department assistant director, Charis Paulson says the three have been moved into one investigative division. Paulson says the purpose is to streamline the management structure to allow them to be “more effective and efficient” in their management and leadership of the department.

Kevin Frampton, the director of the Narcotics Enforcement Division has been promoted to lead the new investigation division. John Quinn of the D.C.I., Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds and Jim Saunders of Intelligence Division have been dropped down to assistant directors. Paulson says the change is not a reflection on the work of those three men.

“No it did not, each of the directors that were affected by this do a fantastic job and are leaders within our organization and will continue to do so as assistant directors in their respective divisions. Now there is a streamlined command structure so there is one director,” Paulson says.

She says the move does save some money as the now assistant directors will see their pay cut by 15 to $20,000, for a savings of just over $106,000 beginning in the new fiscal year in July. Paulson says there are no other plans for changes.

“This is a change in the command structure for the Department of Public Safety, but each division remains independent and will still provide the same level of service to our law enforcement partners throughout the state and also to the citizens of the state of Iowa,” according to Paulson.

Quinn was appointed director of the D.C.I. in 2008, Ray Reynolds became Fire Marshal and Saunders took over the Intelligence Division in 2010.