The most hectic day of the year for flower delivery vans in Iowa is almost over. Florists have been planning for this day for many weeks. Scott Taylor, the owner of a flower shop in Omaha-Council Bluffs, says he actually began plotting the logistics for Valentine’s Day in late December.

“When Christmas is over, we start gearing up towards Valentine’s Day,” Taylor says. “Valentine’s Day is the single busiest day in the flower industry.” Taylor started fine-tuning the arrangements last weekend and will continue making bouquets until the last one is out the door this afternoon, though the bulk were delivered this morning.

He says a lot of extra help is needed, both in the shop and on the streets. “Typically, we have four delivery drivers,” Taylor says, “but on Valentine’s Day we swell to 20 drivers on staff for that day.”

While many Iowa florists offer several dozen types of colorful, aromatic plants, Taylor says the red rose remains the clear choice for most sweethearts. “We do them in all colors but the red is the most popular,” Taylor says. “I think it’s just the traditional flower that the male demographic thinks of when they think of sending flowers.”

One estimate says more than 150-million roses will be sold nationwide today. According to the Society of American Florists, 73% of all flowers purchased today are bought by men, while 15% of the women buying flowers today had them sent to themselves.