The Iowa Department of Transportation is offering an e-mail reminder for drivers who sign up to let them know their license is about to expire. Kim Snook is the director of the D.O.T.’s Office of Driver Services.

“You know those five years come around pretty fast, or two years, whatever they have. It’s a way they can go on-line and have a notification sent 30 days before they are up for renewal,” Snook says. Snook says the e-mail lets you know the countdown is running on the window to renew your license.

“You can renew it any time, 30 days before or 60 days after (the expiration date) before you are no longer valid to drive. You won’t have to take a written test or anything…we try to do it 30 days ahead so you have that whole 90-day window that you can come in and get that renewal completed,” according to Snook.

There are some other features that’re also available for drivers who go on-line. She says you can look up your own driving record and you can also change your mailing address. Snook says changing your address is important to keeping files up to date.

You are supposed to update your address on your driver’s license within 30 days of your move. Snook says you can still come into a D.O.T. office and for one dollar you get a new license with your new address, but doing it on-line can save you some time.

To sign up for a license renewal e-mail, go to the Iowa D.O.T.’s Motor Vehicle Division “myMVD” website at: