The state is approaching the two-year mark since it changed the way driver’s licenses are issued, and the D.O.T. official who oversees the system is happy with the result. The state stopped giving out new licenses on the spot in April of 2010, and instead now gives drivers a temporary driving document that’s good for 30 days.

The new license is mailed out later. Kim Snook is the director of the D.O.T.’s office of driver services. “I would say since we started, there’s only been a couple contacts that people really didn’t like it, but other than that, everyone’s getting their licenses much faster than what we ever had anticipated,” Snook says.

 “You know, there’s times when we have issues with mailing addresses, but we ‘ve got a system worked out where they get them and can pick them up at certain places within their counties…But, you know, it’s been very successful.”

Snook says waiting to send the license by mail allows them time to do Social Security, address and image verifications to be sure the license is going to the proper person. “We just don’t see the fraudulent activity like we had before when we were issuing over the counter, so I can really say that it was a very successful program,” according to Snook.

There are 19 D.O.T. driver’s license stations, and 81 county treasurers offices where licenses are issued across the state. Find out more on the D.O.T.’s website at: