A distribution center that will send out an assortment of products to non-profit and charity groups is now open in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. Cindy Hallberlin is president of “Good Three-Sixty” which is new to the region.

“We provide the largest on-line product donation marketplace in the world creating a 360-degree circle of good,” Hallberlin says, “good for businesses, good for communities, good for the environment and most of all, good for the people in need across this country and internationally as well.”

Hallberlin says those non-profit and charity groups register with Good360 and can then use the online catalog to obtain toys, clothing, hygiene products, office supplies, household goods and more. “We look a lot like eBay with one important distinction,” she says, “eBay connects those who have with to who want. Good360 connects those who have to those in need.”

Hallberlin provides more detail about how it all works. “So, you’re a charity, your searching through, you find a necessary product, you don’t have to pay for it,” she says. “You write a small administrative fee that covers the cost of shipping and handling. Then a few days later, the product arrives at your doorstep. How does that happen? Every day we work with 25-percent of the Fortune 100 companies, donors, generous companies donate products to us.”

Those companies donate items that could come in large quantities and they will be shipped into the distribution center in Omaha. The large cartons, pallets and truckloads are then repackaged for shipping to member organizations. Good360 is partnering with one charity now that provides labor but they hope to expand and add to the workforce down the road.