The leader of the largest school district in Iowa is moving to the largest district in Nebraska. The Omaha Public Schools Board of Education today approved the hiring of Des Moines Schools superintendent, Nancy Sebring.

Omaha Public Schools Board Vice President Mary Morrissey said they had several “excellent” candidates to chose from, but Sebring is the right choice. “She’s had experience in leading an urban school system,” Morrissey said of Sebring. “She’s made day to day decisions that, while difficult, have narrowed the achievement gap in her current district. She has demonstrated she can partner with businesses, communities and philanthropic partners and keep them informed and involved in the school system.”

Board President Freddie Gray said Sebring has the experience needed to lead Omaha schools. “This district is the largest district in the state. We have very important relationships and collaborations with not only the business community but post-secondary and the community and grass-roots organizations that must continue for us to continue our success,” Gray said.

Sebring has led the Des Moines Public Schools for six years. She previously served as an administrator in Colorado and was a teacher in the Madrid  and Nevada, Iowa school districts. A statement from the Des Moines School District said Sebring “met the challenges facing our schools head on and has left our district and our community the better for it.”

The Des Moines School Board plans to meet Wednesday to begin its own search process for a new superintendent.