Jerry Behn

The Republican leader in the Iowa Senate is in a Des Moines hospital, being treated for a partially perforated bowel,  a hole in his intestine.

Senator Jerry Behn of Boone was elected the Senate’s GOP leader this past November. Medical journals say the condition that Behn has been diagnosed with is quite painful and can be dangerous if left untreated.

Republican Senator Nancy Boettger of Harlan mentioned Behn’s condition during the senate’s opening prayer this morning.

“Good morning, Lord…We ask that you would be with and guide, protect and heal our friend and colleague Jerry Behn. Give the doctor’s wisdom in how to deal with his malady,” Boettger prayed. “We just pray for total and complete healing for him.”

Behn, who is 58 years old, farms near Boone. Behn served a year as a Boone County Supervisor before being elected to the state senate in 1996.