The American Cancer Society is urging women to get more active to improve their health, as a survey finds women are 10-percent less likely than men to make time for physical activities. Theresa Allen with the society’s Iowa chapter says they’ve got a program to help called “Choose You.”

“Choose You is really a movement to get women to take care of their own needs. I think as moms and what not we tend to focus on the rest of the family and not enough on ourselves. So it’s really a movement to get us to put ourselves first,” Allen explains. More physical activity is just a part of the program that seeks to help women with overall health.

Allen says it also includes things like eating right, quitting smoking, getting regular health check ups and protecting your skin in the sun. Allen says you start by logging into

“There are different segments that you can click on — the eat right, get active and such — and it gives you hints and tips on how to do those things,” Allen says. “For instance I’m getting active. We adopted a dog about nine months ago and she has got me moving like I have never moved before, so for me, it’s getting more active and being more physically aware.”

Allen says being more physically fit lowers your risk of cancer.