All indications are pointing to a playoff system in college football. While that might be welcome news to a lot of fans, it doesn’t seem to be going over very well at Iowa State. Cyclone head coach Paul Rhoads says he’d like to see the current BCS system stay in place.

“I like what we’re doing right now, I’m not falling out of favor with that,” Rhoads says. “I think you’ve got a number of factors that go into it, if you would sit down and look at the teams that they’ve played with, you’d say they are pretty dang close to having the right matchup every year. The right thing is to not get away from the bowl system. And whether the ends up being two, four or whatever other teams to figure out the national championship, fine.”

I.S.U. Athletic Director Jamie Pollard echoes Rhoads’ opinion. “My ideal situation isn’t gonna happen, and that is we keep the current system,” Pollard says. He says with what’s on the table, the Big 12 is in favor of having four teams at neutral semifinal sites outside the bowl structure. Pollard says having any more than four teams would erode the bowl structure.

Rhoads says that no matter what happens, he hopes that the bowl system is left untouched for the most part. “What has to take place, is the strength of the bowl system has to remain. You’re talking about opportunities that student athletes, fans etcetera would never get to experience without these bowls being in place,” Rhoads says. “Postseason play and that bowl opportunity is what college football is about.”

Rhoads says it’s ridiculous to think a playoff system will satisfy everyone. He says it’s going to happen whether or not everyone is on board, and he says there will always be good things about the system, and there will always be things to complain about.

“They complained 20 years ago when it wasn’t the BCS, they’ve been complaining with the BCS, they’ll complain 3 years from now when we have a playoff going on,” Rhoads says.

By Jesse Gavin KCNZ Cedar Falls