Two free screenings of the groundbreaking documentary “Finding Kind” are scheduled for Thursday at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake.

The film aims to brings awareness and healing to the effects of “meanness within the girl world.” The two women who directed the 2010 film will be there for Q-and-A.

Eleven-year-old Hope Shaman of Mason City was instrumental in getting the movie brought to the area as she was being impacted by bullying.

“A friend at school was hurting me, emotionally hurting me, and I wanted to get help and help for others as well,” Shaman says. She talked to her father about the situation — and the movie — and he was able to spearhead the project.

She says bullying impacts her and she’s far from alone at her school. “A lot of other kids, too, in any grade, any person, no matter what,” she says.

If you’re being bullied at school, Shaman says the first thing to do is let an adult know.

“What we really need to do is try to get help and talk to that person and tell them what it really feels like,” she says. This movie is a good way to start, she says, especially since the documentary’s directors will be there.

“They could talk us through it and tell us that we’re not alone and we’ll know how to deal with it in our lives and help,” she says.

“Finding Kind” has been featured by Dr. Phil and several media outlets, in addition to winning accolades at several film festivals.

For more information or to see the trailer, log onto The first screening is at 6 PM with a second screening at 8:30.

By Chris Berg, KCHA, Charles City