When the new sports season begins the Waldorf College athletic department will be part of a new conference. The school officially moves to the Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference on July first and Waldorf athletic director Michael Scarano says the transition has been a smooth one after being accepted in one year ago.

Waldorf had been a member of the Midwest Collegiate Conference since 2004 but was voted out of the league in May of last year due to its for-profit status. Waldorf is on the only Iowa school in the MCAC and the league’s footprint extends from Nebraska to Arkansas.

He says the athletes are looking forward to being able to travel to another part of the country. Scarano says there will be some longer trips, with the longest 12 hours, but he expects them to be competitive in the conference.

Scarano says the move will not effect the school’s football program which will remains a member of the Mid-States Football Association. Ice hockey is also going into a different conference, so there will be three separate conferences, with all sports except for football and hockey in the same conference.