Officials monitoring the on-going fire at the Iowa City Landfill say the blaze is producing a highly combustible byproduct that is being stored in a nearby lagoon.

Iowa City Assistant City Manager Geoff Fruin says a drainage system is in place to capture the soupy, tarry substance. “That’s about as serious of an issue as the fire itself from our on scene standpoint,” Fruin says. “We estimate that right now there’s been anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 gallons of oil produced.” The city is shipping the oil byproduct off-site and has placed temporary tanks near the lagoon for extra storage.

The fire started on May 26 when a flammable material was dumped at the landfill. More than seven acres of shredded tires, which line the landfill, have burned in the blaze.

Fruin was a guest on the Iowa Public Radio program River to River.