One of Iowa’s most popular golf courses is celebrating it’s 50th birthday this week. Twin Pines in Cedar Rapids opened on July 4th of 1962 and at one time offered night golf.

P.G.A. Master Professional Lisa Miller who says the course offered night golf for more than two decades before it became too expensive. Miller says it costs quite a bit to light 9 holes. She says it was the first full sized golf course in the country to be equipped for night golf.

Miller says Twin Pines hosts more than 34,000 rounds of golf each year. “It’s one of the most popular in the state as far as the number of rounds played. It’s very east to walk and it’s very friendly to the seniors, juniors, families, the beginning players because there’s no hazards, no bunkers, just an enjoyable round of golf,” Miller says.

She says they still have the same greens that were built in 1962 and they are very healthy and “rolling well” right now.