An Iowa State University professor played the straight man to a well-known TV comic last night.

ISU economist Bruce Babcock was a guest on The Colbert Report, hosted by comedian Stephen Colbert, for a segment about the drought — and federal crop insurance.

“Ninety percent of farmers have crop insurance. It’s a federal program,” Babcock said, halting as he was interrupted by Colbert, who said: “Wait, wait, wait! Hold on, sir. A federal insurance program? That’s just ObamaCare for our corn.”  The studio audience laughed and clapped.

Colbert joked that he hadn’t worried about the drought hitting the nation’s midsection until he heard food prices would rise because there will be less corn available to feed to animals and to convert into ethanol.

“Am I going to have to fight my Audi for lunch?” Colbert asked.

Babcock responded: “There is going to be a bit of a fight between ethanol plants and livestock producers about who gets that corn.”

The program airs on the Comedy Central channel on cable television. Here is a link to last night’s program, posted on The Colbert Report’s website.