Bradley Jacobsen

Three Sac County men are charged with first-degree kidnapping in a 2009 attack on a migrant worker.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has charged 26-year-old Thomas Schroeder the second of Wall Lake, 26-year-old Steven Schroeder of Odeboldt and 42-year-old Bradley Jacobsen of Wall Lake in the assault of Raphael Trevino.

The D.C.I. report says the three men and Trevino were at a Wall Lake Bar when Trevino left with a co-worker.

Thomas Schroeder

Trevino was later assaulted at a residence and then forced into a pickup and driven to an abandoned factory where he was assaulted again.

The three men then allegedly drove Trevino back to the bar where they assaulted him a third time. Trevino suffered multiple injuries that include traumatic brain damage.

The report does not give any motive for the attacks on Trevino. All three men turned themselves in and were released on their own recognizance.

Steven Schroeder