The Iowa Department of Transportation is offering a new way for Iowans to study for the exam to obtain a driver’s license. It’s an iPad app that serves as practice test. Mark Lowe, director of the Iowa D.O.T’s Motor Vehicle Division says, for now, the app is only compatible with iPad.

“We started with the iPad because it’s the most stable device to develop for,” Lowe said. “Android has some variations of hardware that make it harder to do, but that’s certainly the direction we’re going to go next. Then, we’ll look at mobile enabled web services so you can pick it up on an iPod or smart phone.”

The new app is free and generates a quiz of 15 questions, randomly chosen from among 69. “There’s 69 questions and interspersed among them are actual test questions, so it gives you a chance to test yourself against what you’re actually going to face when you take the driver’s license examination, as well other ways to kind of go through some of the same information we want drivers to have to be safe and successful,” Lowe said.

The free app is available from the iTunes store by searching “IA Driver Test for iPad.”