Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s motorcade stopped at a farm near the Des Moines airport at about 10:30 this morning before he left Iowa. Romney spent about 10 minutes at a corn field, talking with State Ag Secretary Bill Northey and the farmer who owns the land.

Earlier this morning, Romney brought up the drought during remarks at a rally in downtown Des Moines

“We’re cognizant of the fact, across the country, of the impact of the drought and are concerned about what this is doing in the agriculture community and in various industries and employers that rely on agriculture and are looking for ways to help the farmers and those that are going to be most effected by the drought,” Romney said. “We’re looking for more rain.”

Romney’s stop at the corn field was captured by news photographers. A Reuters reporter standing near the field asked Romney for his thoughts on drought relief in the Farm Bill that hasn’t passed congress, but Romney did not respond. On Tuesday, President Obama called on congress to pass the five-year Farm Bill, saying it was the best way to ensure disaster relief for farmers suffering through a historic drought.”