The Iowan who will participate later this afternoon in a long-time tradition at national political conventions worries he may get caught up in the drama of it all.

Drew Ivers of Webster City is the chairman of the Iowa delegation at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. When the roll call of the states is held to formally designate Mitt Romney as the party’s presidential nominee, Ivers will be the person who announces how Iowa delegates at this convention have voted.

“I’ve been teasing my wife because I get the biggest kick out of how people do this and I’ve got to watch myself or I’ll do it,” Ivers said this morning.

Ivers began laughing at this point, then spoke in a dramatic voice. “Mr. Chairman, the great state of Iowa,” Ivers said, then he started laughing again. “I’m going to try not to do that.”

AUDIO of Ivers speaking about this topic with Radio Iowa news director O. Kay Henderson and Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich.

Ivers wouldn’t reveal to reporters what his spiel about Iowa’s attributes may be, but Ivers has a script written down and he plans to stick to it. The leader of each state delegation has been told to keep their comments to 30 seconds or less, but Ivers admits his script is eight seconds longer than that.

The vote tally Ivers will announce later this afternoon from the Iowa delegation will include votes for Ron Paul, but those will not be officially recognized in the convention proceedings. Only one name is being placed into nomination today and it’s Mitt Romney.