A suspect is jailed who allegedly threatened young people and a law officer outside a central Iowa school.

Boone Police Officers took a 36-year old Boone man into custody on Monday afternoon after he confronted students in the school parking lot with a knife. Police officers responded quickly to the scene including the Boone School Resource Officer.

Commander John Sloter says the subject threw the knife at an officer and attempted to leave the scene. He says officers used a less than lethal device to minimize any further dangerous actions.

The subject, as he was tazed, fell to the ground, striking his head. Officers immediately called for an ambulance and Boone Fire and Rescue to provide medical attention.

The suspect was transported to the Boone County Hospital where he was treated for a head injury, and then he was taken to the Boone County Jail.

Richard Gabriel Lujan was charged with assault on a peace officer. Boone School Superintendent Brad Manard says no students were injured in the incident.

By Jim Turbes, KWBG, Boone