The Drake Bulldogs host one of the top teams in the F-C-S on Saturday night when they take on Montana State. The Bobcats are fourth ranked nationally after opening with a 33-6 win over Chadron State.

Drake coach Chris Creighton says Montana State has earned their ranking as they are good, and he says his team feels they have a chance to be good, so they are excited about the game. The Bulldogs could be playing more of the top teams in the F-C-S down the road. Beginning with the 2013 season the Pioneer Football League will receive an automatic bid into the national playoffs.

Creighton says they will continue to play the games as they like the challenge, and he says he is comfortable with playing one or two scholarship programs each year.

The Bulldogs visit Indiana State next week. Creighton says the Bulldogs may not have the depth of a full scholarship program like Montana State but they are not going to back down from the challenge. “We have guys who can play for their team, I promise you that. I don’t know that we have 108 that can play, but we won’t be backing down, we have a lot of respect for their team,” Creighton says.

Creighton says the Bulldogs look forward to the challenge and it is a lot of fun to play a team that could win a national championship.

Drake opened with a victory over Grand View on August 30th. Montana State is led by former Drake coach Rob Ash.