Parts of the state are in for a frigid jolt after high temperatures in the 90s just last week. Forecasters say the coldest air of the season will be arriving in Iowa tonight. Meteorologist Kevin Deitsch, at the National Weather Service, says some parts of the state may even have frost.

The cold front is moving through that will turn the winds to coming from the north, bringing in cold air from Canada and making things “pretty chilly.” The unseasonable weather is 10 to 20-degrees colder than normal, following a summer of hotter-than-usual highs. Deitsch said some residents in northern Iowa could be waking up to frost Tuesday morning.

He says the overnight lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 30s, with some areas facing the lower 30s. “Patchy frost is going to definitely be possible.” Deitsch says there will be more colder air coming into Iowa by later this week.

Highs on Wednesday may be up around 80 but they’re expected to slide back down into the 60s by Friday.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City