Around 300 workers at Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines are on strike. A-E marketing director Kim Peter says the company and the workers, with Teamsters Local 120, are at odds over a new contract.

“We are eager to get back to the bargaining table with the Teamsters and we have reached out to them,” Peter said. “Our goal here is to remain competitive while continuing to provide good jobs and benefits for our employees.” The company is asking A-E workers to contribute more toward their health care benefits.

“With the rising cost of health care, we’re asking employees to help share in some of those costs,” Peter said. “This is not about reducing the number of hours worked or wages.” Dozens of picketing workers holding signs have been standing outside the A-E plant, located on Des Moines’ east side.

Peter said the strike should not have an impact on the price or availability of A-E products on grocery store shelves.