Congressman Leonard Boswell gave a five-word explanation this afternoon when asked about the lawsuit he filed Friday against his 2008 Democratic primary opponent.

Ed Fallon of Des Moines claims two Boswell staffers offered him an $80,000 job on Boswell’s congressional staff if he would drop his bid to run against Boswell. During a news conference in Des Moines early this afternoon, Boswell was asked why he filed the defamation suit against Fallon.

“Because he told an untruth,” Boswell said.

Boswell said nothing more about the lawsuit or Fallon’s statements.

During an interview with Radio Iowa Friday night, Fallon said his former wife, who served as his 2008 campaign manager, was in the room when the job offer was made. Boswell is seeking damages from Fallon, alleging Fallon’s recent public statements have damaged his reputation.