The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics will begin offering a new health care option next week for patients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Doctors Katie Imborek and Nicole Nisly have teamed up to start the clinic, which will be located in the U-I Health Care, Iowa River Landing facility in Coralville.

Imborek believes the LGBT community has been medically underserved. She says staff at the clinic have specific training to handle their unique needs. “They’re going to have physicians and providers who care for them…and are exceedingly knowledgeable in taking care of folks from this community,” Imborek said.

The only other LGBT clinic offered in the Midwest is located at the University of Minnesota. “They have a really wonderful institute there,” Imborek said. “It is our humble hope that what we’re starting here would gain momentum one day and be anything close to that.”

Imborek hopes the clinic will serve patients not only from Iowa but throughout the Midwest. She made her comments on Iowa Public Radio’s River to River program.

To contact the U-I LGBT Clinic: call (319) 384-7444