An Illinois woman who asked a question of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan while Ryan was in Clinton, Iowa, this past Tuesday is bristling at how the Obama campaign characterized her comments. Linda Morrison of Fulton, Illinois, asked Ryan to explain how he and Romney plan to lower the national debt without raising taxes.

Ryan chose Morrison from the crowd because of what she was wearing. “She’s got a Green Bay Packer shirt. I have to pick on her, I apologize,” he said, and the crowd laughed.

Morrison said: “Hi. My question is, you know, you keep talking about China and jobs and then we talk about the unemployment, but where are the answers? I mean, why aren’t you more specific?”

The Obama campaign sent out a statement, suggesting Ryan had been “called out” by Morrison. Morrison wrote The Quad City Times to complain about that. On Tuesday, Morrison told a radio reporter she was pleased with Ryan’s eight-minute answer to her question and planned to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

“We hear: ‘Well, we’re going to do this.’ Well, how?” Morrison said Tuesday in Clinton. “He answered the how.”

Morrison had been a registered Democrat, but is now a registered Republican voter and cast a vote for John McCain in 2008 and plans to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012.