A powerful and potentially-dangerous storm front is developing which forecasters say could bring tornadoes and other severe weather to Iowa this weekend. Meteorologist Kevin Deitsch, at the National Weather Service, says our long dry spell is about to end, but not quietly.

“A pretty strong system moving out of the southwest will eject from out of the Four Corners region northeast, up towards Iowa,” Deitsch says. “A pretty strong system will pull up quite a bit of moisture with it. We will see quite a bit of rain and with that, comes the potential for thunderstorms, some hail, wind and even tornadoes are possible with these storms.”

Deitsch says the storms will likely get their act together somewhere near the Missouri River on Saturday. He says the storms will likely develop over eastern Nebraska and western Iowa and push east across Iowa during the afternoon and evening. The storm system should be out of Iowa by late Saturday night, Deitsch says.

The National Weather Service will monitor weather conditions for the Iowa State-Kansas State football game on Saturday, with an 11 A.M. kickoff. Back in November of 2005, a tornado was reported directly west of I.S.U.’s packed Jack Trice Stadium moments before the Iowa State-Colorado game, though the twister caused no damage.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City