The Iowa State offense needs a shot of confidence and Baylor could be exactly what the doctor ordered. The Bears are giving up 58 points and 613 yards per game in the Big-12 in an 0-3 start to the league race.

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads says they need to get back on track regardless of who they play and be more effective on offense. While Baylor has had difficulty keeping opponents out of the endzone they have scored plenty of their own. They scored 63 points in a loss to West Virginia and this past week put up 50 in a loss to Texas.

“We believe it’s the most explosive offense we’ve faced this year,” Rhoads says. Even though Baylor does a great job throwing the ball Rhoads says the goal for the Cyclones is to make them one dimensional. “You have to take away the run, we got bludgeoned last year with both. That’s what happens when you try to stop multiple things. You’d better stop one thing,” Rhoads says, and they you can rally and stop the others.

Rhoads says the Cyclones need to get some turnovers and big plays in special teams to help shorten the field for a struggling offense as that helps when you are struggling.

Iowa State is 4-3.