Two of Iowa’s largest retail store chains are partnering for a new program to save customers money on gasoline. Des Moines-based Hy-Vee grocery stores and the Ankeny-based Casey’s General Store convenience stores are launching the promotion.

Hy-Vee spokeswoman Ruth Comer says customers can sign up for free. “When they purchase items that are featured in the weekly Fuel Saver ad, savings discounts are added to their Fuel Saver card,” Comer says.

“They can then swipe that card at the gas pump at any Hy-Vee or Casey’s store and save money. The more of the items they purchase, the more they’ll save on each gallon of gasoline.” She says the discounts on the items range from two cents to 25-cents, but they’ll add up.

“A typical savings each week, if a customer buys one of everything that’s featured in the ad, would be $2 a gallon,” Comer says. “If they buy multiple items, they can save even more, up to getting their gas for free.”

It replaces a gas saving program at Hy-Vee where customers used to have to keep track of receipts and bring them into the gas station/store for the discount to apply. Hy-Vee has 234 stores in eight Midwestern states, including 106 gas stations.

Casey’s has 1,700 stores in 12 Midwestern states.