Davenport police have now charged a man for a scheme that injured his ex-girlfriend. Davenport police report that 28-year-old Brittany Hamilton walked into a truck stop in northwest Davenport on October 12th and told two deputies there that she had been abducted along with her boyfriend.

Hamilton told deputies they were duct taped and taken from their home at gun point. The women told the deputies they were driven to a field near the truck stop and she was shot in the leg. Her wound was not life-threatening.

Deputies found the boyfriend, 37-year-old Brian Williams, walking on a Davenport street. Investigators have now determined that Williams staged the abduction with the help of three friends as the couple were in the midst of a break up. Police say Williams and his three friends went to the home of Hamilton’s new boyfriend and poured gas on the home and set it on fire.

Five people in the home escaped. Police have issued warrants for Williams on charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree arson, assault causing serious injury and conspiracy to commit a felony.