A supply disruption is causing headaches for truckers and other diesel fuel users in several parts of the state. Harold Hommes provides price information on grain, livestock and fuels for the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

He says drivers needing diesel in Mason City, Sioux City, Waterloo and the surrounding areas are have had a hard time locating it.

“Those key points have been on allocation or out of product all together for some time, most of them very shortly, even in the next few days will get resupplied this situation is getting much better,” Hommes says.

Hommes says there’s nothing wrong with the pipeline, one of the suppliers is just low on fuel. While the problem is a frustration to those who use diesel, other drivers are finding some welcome price relief at the gas pump.

Hommes says gas prices in Iowa dropped in part as a result of Wall Street trading. “We had nine days in row of consistently lower prices of crude and refined blend stock on the Nynex exchange and that has resulted in a very dramatic plunge,” Hommes says.

Prices dropped over 20 cents some areas. This may be another frustration for those who use diesel, as Hommes says he does not expect diesel prices to fall dramatically once the supply situation is addressed.