A bank robbery in the northeast Iowa town of Maynard led to a chase and at least one law officer was shot. Iowa State Patrol Sergeant, Scott Bright, describes what happened.

“The bank robbery occurred the suspects took off, local law enforcement and state gave pursuit of that vehicle, the two suspects jumped out of that vehicle, shots were fired, and we are looking for two suspects around a rock quarry in Frederika at this time,” Bright says.

Bright says one officer was shot. “At this time I can confirm that one trooper was shot –non life-threatening injuries. I can confirm that the D.O.T. officer that’s been reported that was shot was not shot, his vehicle was hit, but he was not hit,” Bright says.

He could not confirm a report that a local law officer had also been shot, but did say it appears the Trooper will soon be out of the hospital. Bright says a manhunt is underway for the two robbers.

“We have set a perimeter up, we have two aircraft up in the air, our tactical team has been deployed…and hopefully they will be able to apprehend the suspects,” Bright says. The robbery at the Maynard savings bank happened around noon.