The state is going to the internet for the first time in an effort to sell off some unclaimed property. You may’ve seen the popular shows on TV where storage lockers that have been abandoned by their owners are auctioned off.

State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald has planned something similar — but on a smaller scale. He will be auctioning off the contents of 100 safe deposit boxes. Fitzgerald says most of the items have been sitting unclaimed for a least a dozen years.

“Before a bank turns it over to us, they have lost track of this person for at least three years and we have held onto this property for another eight to ten years….so it’s been around quite awhile gaining a lot of dust and we’re required by law to sell it after a certain length of time,” Fitzgerald explains.

While the bidders on the storage lockers often can’t tell exactly what’s inside, Fitzgerald says you’ll be able to see the items and bid on them via the on-line E-Bay auction site.

The treasurer says there’s a lot of pocket watches and rings among the unclaimed items. “We have coin collections, silver dollars, silver half dollars. We have baseball card collections and basketball card collections, some stamp collections and things like that,” Fitzgerald says.

The bidding begins on the so-called Cyber-Monday November 26, and continues through the week. He recommends that you check out the items beforehand.

“We’re asking people right now just call up the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt website…and we’re listing out everything that is up for sale,” Fitzgerald says. Proceeds from the sale will go back to the state.

You can see the items up for sale at: