The UNI basketball team is revisiting some X’s and O’s following their winless weekend in the Bahamas. Panther coach Ben Jacobson says despite not coming away with a win, he was still satisfied with how UNI played against Louisville, Stanford, and Memphis.

“We had a great weekend minus winning a game. There isn’t anything that we would change about the trip. They guys played very hard, in stretches played very well, had too many stretches where we didn’t rebound the basketball well enough, our ball handling and our passing wasn’t sharp enough, so there’s some things that need to be fixed a little bit,” Jacobson says.

Jacobson says that the three games at the tournament had the feeling of postseason contests. While saying UNI played well enough to win on the defensive end, Jacobson admits that the Panthers didn’t take enough care of the basketball on offense.

Jacobson says there may be some new wrinkles to add to the Panther offense to get his players in better spots. “We have to get better at some of the things we’re doing, and I also feel that there are some things we can do a little bit differently,” Jacobson says. He says each year is different so they’ve got to make sure from a coaching standpoint that they are doing the things that fit the team best.

The Panthers return to action on Saturday when they host Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

By Jesse Gavin, KCNZ, Cedar Falls