About a dozen of the nation’s lieutenant governors are in Des Moines today (Monday) for a meeting hosted by Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor, Kim Reynolds. She welcomed the group this morning.

“I want you all to know, if this is your first time in Iowa, this is a typical, balmy December day,” Reynolds said, earning laughter from the group. “And we hope that you’re not experiencing a couple of feet of snow before you leave on Wednesday.”

The lieutenant governors will visit DuPont Pioneer facilities and the headquarters of Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield tomorrow. The group heard this morning about Iowa’s economic development efforts, with the lieutenant governor touting the state’s number eight ranking among the states in terms of exports.

“Iowa exports have grown by more than 37 percent during the past five years and the state annually distributes more than $13.3 billion worth of goods globally,” Reynolds said. “…We are also first in the production of corn, soybeans, pigs and eggs and we know the world is counting on us to feed its growing population.”

Reynolds urged the group to “Silicon Sixth Avenue” in Des Moines where a series of software companies have clustered, including Dwolla, a company that processes up to $50 million a month in Internet transactions. The lieutenant governors who’ve come to Iowa are part of the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s executive committee.

AUDIO of Reynold’s opening remarks.