Students at a school in central Iowa are raising money and collecting supplies to help restore a school in New York that was whalloped by Hurricane Sandy in late October. Tammy Massman, an elementary teacher at the Northeast Hamilton School in Blairsburg, says it started with a simple idea.

Massman had students in her “global classroom” read a book early this fall that dealt with hurricanes and decided to seek out a school that was impacted by the so-called superstorm. Officials with the New York Department of Education eventually directed them to the Surfside School, also known as P-S 329 in Brooklyn.

Massman says the school sustained a lot of damaged with the storm surge. “They had four feet of standing water in the lower levels and that is their early childhood (area) and all of their offices,” she says.

“They were hit pretty hard. They’re only a block off of the beach.” Massman says the Iowa school is collecting all sorts of school supplies — and cash — to help restock and rebuild the New York school.

Cash is the best option, but she says they’re also collecting small items like: dry erase markers, glue sticks, pocket folders, pencils, crayons and paper. Massman is hopeful the project will spread to the other schools in Hamilton County.

To help, contact: Tammy Massman at Northeast Hamilton School, 606 Illinois Street, Blairsburg, Iowa 50034. Make checks payable to Surfside School, or call (515) 325-6234.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City