The state had seen a drop in the number of people buying fishing licenses in the last five years, but DNR Chief of Fisheries, Joe Larscheid, says that has turned around this year with changes in the weather.

“It mostly dips in years that are wet and flooding. You can really predict fishing license sales well if it’s a nice summer,” Larschied says. “This year, in 2012 we are at a pretty record fishing license year.” He says this is the second highest year for license says since 2002.

“So far we are almost at 380,000 fishing licenses for this year, and the end tally will be close to that,” Larschied says. Today (December 15) is the day the DNR starts selling 2013 fishing licenses.

He says Iowa is unique in that you can buy a license and fish in three different years, as if you buy a license now, you can fish for the rest of this year through next year and January of 2014. Larschied says there are many places across the state where you can get a license.

“In terms of per capita, we have some of the most dense vendors compared to nearby states,” Larschied says. He says they are sold in convenience stores, bait shops and other stores and you can find a location on-line. Larschied says bring your driver’s license and you can easily buy a fishing license at one of the outlets.