A Des Moines man has died after police say he was shot multiple times earlier this month. Thirty-one-year-old Rashad Adair died on Tuesday. He had been taken to a hospital on the night of December 6 after police say he was shot six times in the torso and nose.

Witnesses reported Adair was sitting in a vehicle when an unknown gunman approached, fired several shots into the vehicle and fled on foot. No one has been arrested in the case and Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax says investigators were unable to speak to Adair.

“Every time investigators did try to go speak with (Adair) in the hospital, he was either sedated or otherwise unable to give them a statement,” Halifax said. The shooting happened on Des Moines’ northwest side (in the 1400 block of Washington Avenue). Adair’s death is the capital city’s ninth homicide of the year.