Waterloo police have identified the man who left an odd piece of physical evidence at a crime scene last month. Back on December 15th, officers were called when a local man found that three of the tires on his SUV had been slashed.

During their investigation, police found a severed fingertip lying next to one of the tires. Investigators now say that piece of a pinky belongs to 24-year-old Joseph Horak, who has been arrested for third degree criminal mischief. Horak visited a local emergency room for treatment of an injury to his right pinky on the night of the tire-slashing.

Police say that Horak was out drinking with two other individuals, 23-year-old Andrew Metcalf and 21-year-old Haley Barkema. After the bars closed, the trio drove to the home of Barkema’s ex-boyfriend.

That’s where they say Horak accidentally sliced off the tip of his finger while slashing the ex-boyfriend’s tires. Metcalf and Barkema have also been arrested on charges of third degree criminal mischief.

They each also face one count of accessory after the fact for driving Horak to the hospital. Damage to the SUV’s tires has been estimated at nine hundred dollars.

By Jesse Gavin, KCNZ, Cedar Falls