Two former government employees in southwest Iowa are accused of selling nearly $20,000 worth of county-owned scrap metal to a local salvage yard and pocketing the money for themselves. An investigation by the State Auditor’s office was launched after the Adair County Auditor received an anonymous letter outlining concerns with the sale of old iron and used bridge planks.

Deputy State Auditor Tami Kusian says Duane Jameson and Cindy Butcher, who worked in the Adair County Engineer’s Office, sold the materials over a 10 year period. “The checks were being written to the two employees and we identified those being deposited in their accounts,” Kusian says.

Jameson was the Road Superintendent, while Butcher was the Engineer’s Office Shop Clerk. Both were fired last week. Kusian says the checks issued to Jameson and Butcher ranged from roughly $200 to $7,000.

The state investigation covered the period between December 2001 and December 2011. Kusian says they identified $19,734 of undeposited collections. The State Auditor’s report has been turned over to the Adair County Attorney and Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

Kusian says Adair County authorities learned of the alleged activity in January.