Kent Sorenson

Kent Sorenson

A Florida man has filed an ethics complaint against a state senator who worked on Michele Bachmann’s Iowa presidential campaign.

State Senator Kent Sorenson of Milo was the state chairman of Bachmann’s campaign. Ethics rules for state senators prohibit them from getting paid to work on campaigns.

Peter Waldron, the evangelical outreach coordinator for the Bachmann campaign, alleges Sorenson was paid $7500 a month from a consulting group headed by another campaign staffer.

Waldron alleges the money originated in Bachmann’s campaign account and was transferred to the consulting firm to get around the rules.

Sorenson calls the charges “totally baseless, without evidence and a waste of Iowans’ time and money.” 

Another part of the ethics complaint alleges Sorenson stole a contact list for homeschooling families from another Bachmann campaign staffer. Sorenson said “there is no basis in fact” for those allegations. Sorenson filed a written statement of response to Waldron’s ethics complaint and does not plan to speak publicly about it until the Senate Ethics Committee makes a decision.