Mark Weisman never imagined he would be on the cover of preview magazines. Weisman went from unknown backup fullback to Iowa’s top rusher in 2012. He and his Hawkeyes teammates are working out this summer in hopes of bouncing back from a disappointing 4-8 record.

“I try not to look at any of that stuff, I’m just trying to work hard each and every day,” Weisman says. Weisman says the veterans are trying to set the tone in summer workouts.

“All of our older guys — seniors and juniors — we all have to be leaders out there trying to just set it straight what Iowa football is to get us back on the same page,” Weisman says. “Everyone’s got to come in each and everyday…doing their job, doing it to the best of their ability and making everyone else better. Making everyone else push,” Weisman says.

Weisman says the Hawkeyes know that many of the prognosticators have a gloomy outlook on the upcoming season. He says they can’t answer that they have to work hard and you never know what is going to happen.

Weisman talks about the difference of preparing for the upcoming season as a running back instead of a fullback. He says the only thing different is he runs with the skill guys and he is trying to get even stronger than he was last year.

Iowa will open the season at home on August 31st against Northern Illinois.